Kid Rock’s New GMC Sierra Is Motown Tough

American. Bad-Ass.

byTruck Staff| UPDATED Apr 21, 2017 10:26 AM
Kid Rock’s New GMC Sierra Is Motown Tough

Even though Kid Rock may not be burning up the charts like he was in the early 2000s, he’s still maintained quite a respectable career selling over 25 million albums and amassing a diehard fan base. Hailing from Detroit, Kid Rock knows a thing or two about General Motors vehicles and owns dozens of them. The musician is also particularly interested in trucks, having worked on partnerships with Chevrolet as recently as 2016 and even produced a song called Trucker’s Anthem back in 2001.

Kid Rock’s newest rig is one of the top tier trucks on the market; the 2017 GMC Sierra. But as we’ve seen with most of Kid Rock’s fleet, he simply couldn’t keep it stock. The Detroit Bad-Ass reached out to off-road outfitter, Rocky Ridge to create a package that not only represents his unique style but also something he could live with every day.

The Rocky Ridge team took Kid Rock’s GMC to the next level with a complete six-inch lift kit, 35-inch tires and an abundance of custom additions. One of the most unique and rugged upgrades incorporated was Rocky Ridge’s signature “Stealth Coating” that was added to the hood and bumpers. This material is similar to bedliner and gives the Sierra a rugged aesthetic while protecting it, too. To finish off the fascia, a custom rolled steel bull bar featuring a 20-inch LED Light was also added.

Inside, the Sierra's earth-toned interior received a custom touch with American Bad Ass embroidery. Seeing that this GMC came equipped with all the amenities, not much else was needed in the interior.

Sticking with the truck's stout stature, Rocky Ridge certainly couldn't leave the Sierra's performance as it was when it left the showroom floor. With performance in mind, a 2.9L twin-screw Whipple supercharger was added ultimately providing the Sierra with a total of 557-horsepower.


Vehicle: 2017 GMC Sierra Z71 4x4

Suspension: Rocky Ridge Signature Series six-inch suspension lift, E-coated front and rear crossmembers, e-coated full front skid plate, e-eoated front strut tower extension, Compression Struts, add-a-leaf rear spring, Rocky Ridge 2.0 nitrogen-charged rear shocks

 Tires: 35-inch Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Tires,

Wheels: Black Havok 20-inch off-road wheels

Bumpers: Steel-rolled bull car

Steps: Amp Research power side steps

Lighting: 20-inch LED bar

Interior: Custom embroidered leather

Performance: 5.3L V8, 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharger, Magnaflow exhaust