Volvo Announces 360º Live Reveal of New XC60 For Geneva

This allows for an “immersive experience” through social media.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Feb 27, 2017 10:38 PM
Volvo Announces 360º Live Reveal of New XC60 For Geneva

Volvo has been teasing the release of their XC60 crossover this past week through social media outlets, getting us excited for the freshly redesigned ute. Last week, they released this shot of the XC60's front end, featuring their signature "Thor's Hammer" headlights and executive-class styling. Now, they've previewed another photo and announced that the Geneva Motor Show debut of the XC60 will be available with a 360º view, allowing social media users to get a surround view of their lineup's newest addition.

We don't know much about the XC60, but if it's anything like the company's 90-Series models, we're expecting a lot. This contemporary stage of the Volvo brand has brought about some of the greatest vehicles in each luxury segment, developing a resurgence of popularity in the American market. With the 60-Series slating in the middle of the Volvo range in terms of size, expect it to feature a blend of productivity features and practical utility. Paired with the forthcoming XC40, it'll round out Volvo's SUV lineup nicely.

The crossover's styling looks to be recognizably unique to the XC90. Although similar design language will be used, you'll be able to distinguish the two going down the road. Volvo uses motifs throughout their models including the aforementioned "Thor's Hammer" headlight design with the same being apparent in the XC60. The manufacturer's newest model will surely display the elegance that we've come to expect. 

Powertrain choices are yet to be announced, though we have a good guess at them. The base engine will likely be the turbo four that we've seen pop up through the rest of the Volvo models. A twincharged I4 may be optional for those who want a little extra oomph, too. Each of these engines are powerful in their own respects with the solely turbocharged four cylinder making 240 HP and the twincharged powerplant producing 302 HP in other applications.

This will be the XC60's first redesign since its introduction in 2009. It should re-enter Volvo into the luxury crossover segment, offering plenty of comfort and utility to compete with the rest. By offering a surround view of the car's reveal, it'll give viewers a better chance to see the model as a whole from their phones. Users will be able to simply move their device from side to side as well as up and down to view the XC60. It's an innovative way to build hype for the official release, and we wouldn't be surprised to see other automakers follow suit at auto shows throughout the rest of the year.