Post-Holiday Blues? Relax and Look at Some Supercars.

Corsa Vita attracted some major cars for their 2016 charity track day, and it’s a treat for the rest of us.

byRip Shaub| UPDATED Apr 6, 2017 10:32 AM
Post-Holiday Blues? Relax and Look at Some Supercars.

Corsa Vita is an organization that runs luxury track day events that benefit charities in the process. This year, drivers came from around the country to Austin's Circuit of the Americas to have a bucket-list experience and raise money for Paul Walker's Reach Out Worldwide Foundation. They invited me out to their December 17th event to capture the event.

For those who weren't driving, it's still a gift: the chance to sit back and see amazing cars on a world-class track doing what they were built to do.

The holidays can be hectic, so take a few moments to relax. No racing, no drama. Just some beautiful cars in their element that will hopefully bring you some cheer.