Drive Wire for December 8, 2016: The 2017 Dodge Challenger GT Is the First AWD Muscle Car

It may not have a Hemi, but at least it has launch control.

byDevin Altieri| PUBLISHED Dec 8, 2016 5:44 PM

Hey there. Devin Altieri here for Drive Wire on December 8th, 2016.

Today on Drive Wire: Dodge has announced the first all-wheel-drive muscle car with the 2017 Challenger GT.

While we've known about the impending Challenger GT for a couple of months now, the fact that it will be all-wheel-drive instead of the standard rear does come as a surprise. People have been retrofitting all-wheel-drive systems to muscle cars for years, but the new Dodge Challenger GT will be the first muscle car with no retrofitting necessary.

Aside from the all-wheel drivetrain, the new Challenger GT will come with Dodge's 3.6-liter V6 and eight-speed automatic transmission. It's not the V8 Hemi we were hoping for, but even without, the car will still boast a solid 305 horsepower and some cool metal paddleshifters, all for just under $34,000.

And for those of you worried the all-wheel-drive will ruin your snow drift abilities, Dodge was quick to point out that the three-mode electronic stability control system in the GT will make drifting a breeze.

That’s it for Drive Wire on December 8th, 2016. I’m Devin Altieri; thanks for watching, and please check out The Drive for more on the big stories from the transportation world.