No, The Rock Doesn’t Regret Calling Fast 8 Co-Star Vin Diesel a “Candy Ass”

The actor also admits he hates sports cars, because he can’t fit in them.

bySean Evans|
No, The Rock Doesn’t Regret Calling <em>Fast 8<em> Co-Star Vin Diesel a “Candy Ass”

Remember earlier this summer when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on an epic rant on social media from the closing days of filming Fast 8? The Internet went into a tizzy speculating about which of the many Fast 8 actors could possible be the unprofessional “chicken shit” about which Johnson spoke. Turned out the “candy ass” in question was Vin Diesel. Apparently the two ultimately met up to squash their on-set beef, but when given a chance by the Los Angeles Times to walk his fiery comments back, Johnson didn't budge.

“I was very clear with what I said. I’ve been in the game a long time,” Johnson said with a knowing smile. “Would Universal [Pictures] have preferred that didn’t happen? Sure, we talked about it. The irony is after that and as they do their tracking and all their analysis, the interest shot through the roof to a whole other level.”

So Johnson got to call Diesel out, gain a little catharsis and the Fast and Furious franchise was all the better for it. The Rock for the triple win. You’ll be able to see his very-real animosity towards his co-stars when Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

In the closing paragraphs of the interview, Johnson reiterates just how much he loves his Ford F150 truck: “Johnson said he still isn’t into flashy things, his one extravagance being his beloved Ford F150 truck. Every time he goes on location to film a movie, he brings his girlfriend, his daughter, his French bulldog, his housekeeper and his truck,” the piece reads.

“I get [the truck] shipped everywhere,” he said. “Maybe I’ll get therapy one day for this, but there’s nothing that brings me joy, like, ‘I’m gonna go buy this yacht or Ferrari.’ But my truck is jacked up. There’s an 8-inch lift on it, it has big country tires on it — I call it brown neck. That’s my thing. I’m not into sports cars. I can’t fit into them. And I can’t have people drive me. I don’t like service that way. Maybe I’ll get therapy for that too.”