The Trucks, Jeeps And Radical Rigs Of America’s Largest Monthly Automotive Meet

Caffeine & Octane brings out the best.

byEvan Yates| PUBLISHED Nov 7, 2016 11:48 AM
The Trucks, Jeeps And Radical Rigs Of America’s Largest Monthly Automotive Meet

Caffeine & Octane, the monthly automotive meet in Atlanta, GA, has become America’s largest monthly car show and seems to grow more every month. Like most monthly, free car shows, Caffeine & Octane literally has a vehicle for everyone and the selection ranges from air-cooled Porsches to modern muscle and everything in-between. And even though the Lamborghini section garners considerable fanfare and the rows of mostly-stock Mopars take up considerable real estate, the various trucks, Jeeps and other random rigs always have a memorable showing.


The vintage and classic trucks and off-road vehicles get their fair share of love at Caffeine & Octane and for good reason. These vehicles simply have more soul than a stock F-150 with a brush guard or soccer mom Wrangler. Every truck has a story and typically the owner is close by to give it to you. The types of classic trucks that show up vary from month to month but there’s always something worth posting to your Instagram story. From rat rod classics to vintage overlanders, the selection is virtually unlimited.

This Bronco was so clean, I ate a donut on the tire., Evan Yates
Show up late, you gotta park in the boon docks. , Evan Yates
Low-Low., Evan Yates



Caffeine and Octane is unique in that the modern trucks don’t have much of a presence. Every once in a while, the Jeep contingent will show up in full force and thankfully, this time around they did. There’s hardly many bro-trucks in the crowd but if you look hard enough you can spot a few. Perhaps it’s too early in the morning. Most of the time, the best newer model trucks are brought by local sponsors and dealerships.

Evan Yates
Don't see as many of these, bro., Evan Yates



The oddball vehicles are the most fun to check out. The historic VW vans, converted city buses and “tweeners” that don’t exactly fit into any category seem to bring the most smiles and conversation. 

Tiki., Evan Yates
Airstream dream., Evan Yates
Subie life., Evan Yates