Meet The Overlanders

The self-taught, overlanding family.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.” He also said, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Did we just figure out good ole’ Ralph was an OG overlander? Maybe. Even though the definitions of overlanding deviate slightly from source to source, the sentiment remains the same; it’s all about the expedition.

Meet the Xiong family. During the week, they’re the prototypical perfect suburban family with the stay-at-home wife raising the kids and hard-working husband bringing home the bacon. On the weekends, however, the Xiongs turn into hardcore overlanders and their story is enough to inspire you to sell all your possessions for a used Wrangler, roof top tent and portable stove.

It would be easy to ramble on about this extraordinary, adventurous family but watching their videos probably paints the most proper picture:

If that visual doesn’t make you want to create a profile on the Overland Bound and Expedition Portal forums, I don’t know what will. As an automotive guy at heart, the beauty of their story and overlanding in general is that it’s the perfect harmony between machine and earth. It’s the bridge that can connect us all to countless new experiences as it did with the family I like to call, The Overlanders.

Just in case you’re not completely sold, check out this adventurous family’s first expedition with their trail-capable Wrangler:

As their family has grown by one, the time to transition has presented itself. So even though they love their Jeep Wrangler and have fond memories in it, it’s currently for sale. Future overlanders can check it out here. This certainly doesn’t mean they’re quitting the expedition lifestyle, just changing it up a bit. Like most in the Overland community, KB has come over to the Toyota side.

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As to why KB ditched the Jeep for a Toyota is a conversation for another day.