The Top 5 Videos from Overland Expo West 2017

Don’t miss it next year!

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The Top 5 Videos from Overland Expo West 2017

2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS Ford F-550

We're not shy about our affinity for the EarthRoamer. The only thing we don't really care for is the price at a cool half-million. EarthRoamer brought out their latest rig, the 2017 XV-LTS based on the Ford F-550 platform and needless to say, it stole the show.

Overland'r: The Mission to Overland Expo West 2017

On the other end of the size spectrum, the guys from Oregon Trail'r brought their cute little teardrop trailers to the Expo. These trailers are much more appealing to the masses as they're much more obtainable and their petite stature makes them something you can take anywhere.

2017 Overland Expo West Highlights

There's plenty to see at the Expo and this video from surgeonfish takes a quick look around the event. This particular video seems to highlight the random gear and occasional Toyotas.

Overland Expo West - Friday May 12 2017

Another highlight reel visual of the show from Vagabond Expedition briefly scanning most of the event. This particular YouTube channel has multiple videos from the event including their four-day trek to the show.

Overland Expo 2017

We left this one for the end, just in case you haven't consumed enough content yet. This video is almost an hour long and pretty much covers the entire Expo. Honestly, with videos like this one there's almost no reason to drag our butts out to Flagstaff! 


Roof Top Hammock - Trail Nest

We also had to throw this video in at the end because it highlights such a creative idea. You've heard of roof top tents, but what about roof top hammocks? Could this be the next big thing?