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What Car Would You Park Inside Your Home During a Hurricane?

We’ve all seen the hero with his E30 M3 but what would you save?

bySean Evans|
What Car Would You Park Inside Your Home During a Hurricane?


You’re a car person, so by now you’ve seen the incredible photos of Randy Jalil, the hero from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, who pulled his BMW E30 M3 into his house to protect it from Hurricane Matthew. And, because everyone knows you’re a car person, you’ve been sent the link to the pictures repeatedly.

The backstory of how Jalil came share his breakfast table and Cheerios with his beloved E30 is straightforward, though interesting. Jalopnik got the full rundown from Jalil himself, who notes he “fortunately” doesn’t have a wife to tell him not to stuff his Bimmer in the living room. (Or to tell him that his turtle painting is askew, for that matter.) His rationale is wholly understandable:

“This car is absolutely my pride and joy and I will own it for years to come. I currently daily drive the car and enjoy it as much as possible. Most people nowadays will keep them tucked away in their garage to keep the value up. Cars are meant to be driven and I will always live by that.”

Amen. Jalil’s actions sparked a little office debate about what cars we think are worthy of such treatment. Which models and marques we would go the extra mile for to make sure they were safe and sound from the ravages of natural disasters? We decided probably not a Toyota Venza, but answers from our editors spanned the gamut:

“My Jag XJR 100.” - Mike Spinelli

“STI, GT4, 4C. Actually, all of the cars.” - Aaron Brown

“Ferrari F12berlinetta. And nothing else.” - Josh Condon

“Can it be a Triumph Bonneville T120? I live in a 1-bedroom… I’m not Kanye.” - Cait Knoll

“My dad’s ‘72 911 T.” - Christian Gilbertsen

“Abarth 750, I think. See Cait’s problem.” - Chris Cantle

“VW Corrado VR6. And a mechanic.” - Andrew Siceloff

“RX 7.” - Lawrence Ulrich

“Singer-Customized 911. Or an Amphicar.” - Will Sabel Courtney

“My 2007 Nissan Sentra named Layla. Our ten year anniversary is in November.” - Erica Lourd

“300 SL” - Mallory Short


What about you? What would you save from a hurricane by parking inside your home? Let us know in the comments.