Swizz Beatz Hit With $42M Lawsuit for Supercar Fraud

The hip-hop star allegedly scammed a company by selling leased Ferraris and Bentleys.

bySean Evans|
People photo

Swizz Beatz is being sued for $42 million for his alleged role in civil racketeering. A lawsuit filed last week in Brooklyn federal court levies a claim that Swizz Beatz leased at least 10 supercars, including McLarens, Bentleys, Porsches and Ferraris, using a company named Metro Gem Leasing and Funding to bankroll the leases, then illegally resold the vehicles.

Metro Gem Leasing and Funding, who filed the suit, says they put up the capital required to help Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, and his wife Alicia Keys lease a slew of high-end rides. They thought the cars, including a Bentley Continental and a Ferrari F12, were to be used by Beatz and Keys. However, Metro Gem’s lawyer says that Beatz allegedly conspired with a car dealer named Macky Dancy (yes, seriously) to sell the supercars at an absurdly marked up price. While Keys was mentioned in the filing, she was not listed as a co-defendant.

A representative for Swizz Beatz told the New York Post that Beatz and his cohorts were merely “innocent pawns in a years-long, multi-million dollar dispute.” The Post couldn’t reach Macky Dancy for comment, and a woman reached at the Dancy Auto Group said the dealership has since been renamed and Dancy is no longer associated with the organization.

Beatz himself uploaded a video message to Instagram, remarking that people are “giving me too much credit” and to “$42 million? What am I buying? Spaceships?” He goes on to say fans should, “stop believing everything” and “I don’t know these people. I’ve been fresh since 17 with the whips. It’s cool because only the haters believe this type of stuff.”