Drive Wire for September 14th, 2016: Denise Mueller Sets Speed Record on a Bicycle

Drafting behind a Range Rover SVR, Mueller was able to hit 147 mph.

byThe Drive Staff|

A different kind of land speed record came out of the Bonneville Salt Flats this past Saturday. Cyclist Denise Mueller set a world record for the women’s paced bicycle land speed at an incredible 147 miles per hour. The 43-year-old Mueller, who hails from Carlsbad, California, rode a highly customized bike with an elongated frame, 17-inch dragster wheels with shaved tires, and an isolation seat that helped stabilize the rider and reduce wobble and vibrations at high speeds.

Mueller tailed a pace car driven just inches in front of her front wheel, piloted by professional motorsports driver Shea Holbrook; the Range Rover Sport SVR driven by Holbrook helped punch a hole in the air in front of Mueller to reduce wind resistance and make that incredible 147 MPH top speed possible.