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7 “Stranger Things” Cars We Hope Return For Season Two

Yeah, those kids are great actors, but we couldn't stop staring at these magnificent V8s.

Stranger Things, Netflix’s sci-fi smash hit set in the Eighties, was recently renewed for a second season. This is glorious news for those who binged the entire first season in a single day, ignoring friends, family and beloved pets in a desperate bid to find out how Eleven and the boys would get Will Byers back.

It’s even better news if you’re a fan of the boxy beasts that comprised the show’s four-wheeled stars. The Eighties weren’t a good time for any manufacturers, yet the Stranger Things‘ production crew managed to curate a marvelous crop of metal. While we wait with baited breath for the particulars of season two, below seven of the vehicular stars we pray will make a resurgence.

1985 Chevy Blazer

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

As Sheriff Hopper’s daily driver, this K5 Blazer is a whole lot of inefficient small block V8 pumping out a meager 160 horsepower. Doesn’t matter; we still love it. It’s got plenty of oomph whenever Hopper peels out, giving us some nice wheel squeal. Fun fact: Amity police chief Brody from Jaws also pushed a Chevy Blazer.

1981 Ford LTD

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

The LTD was the generic government agency car of the era, driven by any and every mustachioed agent wearing an ill-fitting polyester suit and oversized Ray-Bans. Equipped with a 4.2L V8 you’d assume it had some get-up-and-go. Nope. The Ford LTD came with 120 horsepower and crawled to 60 in 13.9 seconds. This bloated and underpowered fleet vehicle is piloted by all manner of mysterious G-men in Stranger Things. We loved seeing it labor around any corner, dog dish hub caps itching to fly off.

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

This was just a background vehicle, creeping behind Nancy Wheeler in one shot, but it stood out to us. The preferred vehicle for any Deadhead or anyone with “earth” or “flower” in their name, the Vanagon definitely earned a place in the annals of hippie history. The Vanagon produced a peaceful 95 horsepower and ambled slowly through only four gears. Plumes of smoke pouring out the back? Likely from the occupants’ reefer, not that durable 2.1-liter water-cooled four-cylinder engine.

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

This sexy coupe is the daily driver of the Byers’ slouch of a father. The 442 edition of the Cutlass certainly gave it a little more edge with a beefed-up suspension consisting of heavy duty springs, shocks, a sway bar and plenty of other goodies. When coupled with the L77 455 engine, you end up with 300 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque.

1964 Ford Galaxie 500

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

This was the final year Ford made this body style for the Galaxie. Designed with aerodynamics in mind, the Galaxie 500 found a solid home in NASCAR. Under that enormous bonnet was the popular 289 V8, good for around 195 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This isn’t the only Galaxie to make an appearance in the show. Jonathan Byers’ daily driver is a rusted and battered 1971 Galaxie.

1983 BMW 733i

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

Of course the twerpy, entitled and pompadoured Steve Harrington would have a 733i as his daily driver. Not exactly built for racing, the BMW 733i is more of a cruiser. Equipped with a 3.2L turbocharged six-cylinder, the 733i was good for 181 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque, more than ample for wheeling away in luxury after shouting insults at fellow classmates.

1966 Ford Mustang

IMCDB (Internet Movie Cars Database)

This burgundy pony car makes a small appearance but a formidable impression. That hood scoop. Those rims. Those perfect lines. The famed 289 V8 roaring, bestowing the light Mustang with a delightfully quick 225 horsepower. Please, Stranger Things producers. Give us a little more classic ‘Stang in season two?