Drive Wire for August 29th, 2016: Police Catch Thieves Responsible for 30 FCA Thefts

The pair stole the cars using only a laptop.

byThe Drive Staff|

Today on Drive Wire: Grand Theft Auto in the digital age.

Two hackers have been arrested in Texas following the theft of 30 FCA cars.

According to police, officers have been tracking Michael Arcee and Jesse Zelay for months, but had been unable to catch the men in the act until this week. When caught, the two were using a laptop to access a Jeep via Fiat-Chryslers DealerCONNECT software, then reprogramming the SUV's security system to accept a generic key. The pair is charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; Arcee is also charged with a felony for possession of a weapon and a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

While Arcee and Zelay were responsible for the thefts of 30 Fiat-Chrysler vehicles, over 100 of the company's car's have been stolen via similar methods int he past year. Homeland Security and FCA continue to investigate.