Drive Wire: You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy A Complete KTM X-Bow In The U.S.

Listen up speed freaks, motorcycle manufacturer KTM has good news for you. Although they only make one car, the track-special Crossbow, and until now it’s only been available as a kit. But soon, turn-key Crossbows will be available to those of you who have to have the fastest, twitchiest, most insane little Austrian car around. There will even be a small dealer network, presumably so that someone can tell you your track car needs undercoating. The first model for sale will be the 300-horsepower Crossbow R, powered by an Audi two-liter four-cylinder, in showrooms next spring. KTM is expecting to sell 30 or 40 of these a year. Seems low since 15 of us here at The Drive already want one.