Drive Wire: Is This the New Rolls Royce SUV?

byThe Drive Staff|
Drive Wire: Is This the New Rolls Royce SUV?


Big news in the ultra luxury car world, and by big news, we mean SUV news. Spy shots of what we believe is the Cullinan undergoing cold weather testing were leaked. From what we can tell, Rolls-Royce is not compromising looks to enter the SUV market. The handsome Cullinan has similar design cues to the Rolls Phantom sedan, but that certainly may change during development. Still this shape gives us several hints as to the Cullinan’s final form. There’s room enough for a big V12 under that hood, and the visible quad exhausts hint at boatloads of power. We’re hoping they keep the lifted-sedan look, but if not, we’re still looking at the grittiest Rolls since their famous WWI armored cars.