Last Minute Gift Guide for the Motorcyclist in the Family

Whether it goes under the tree or is used as a stocking stuffer, these gifts will make you a gift-giving legend.

bySam Bendall|
Last Minute Gift Guide for the Motorcyclist in the Family


Do you have a loved one that is constantly posting photos on Facebook or Instagram of their motorcycle? If so, they are definitely a motorcyclist and they love that machine more than anything else on this planet. Shopping for you moto-obsessed friends can be daunting but the gifts below will help alleviate some of that trepidation.

Often times, the best motorcycle gifts are the ones that keep motorcyclists safe and add to the enjoyment of riding. Here are a few of our selections that are sure to make anyone happy. 

Gift Cards

You may know nothing about motorcycles other than your father, brother, husband, wife, sister…etc, loves them and that's ok. No motorcyclist will ever snub a gift card. If you want to see your loved ones smile large this year, get them a gift card to Revzilla or any major motorcycle retailer. Go for $100 or more. We are sure it will go towards something they really really want.

Price: Money + Love = Happy Motorcyclist

Available here.


AntiGravity XP-10 Mobile Battery Jump Starter

This gift is for the rider that always insists on being prepared on road trips or rides in a group with friends who are always having problems. Perhaps you left your ignition on and killed your battery. This little device is powerful enough to jumpstart any bike and with its 18000 amperes to charge and power, it can charge everyday devices such as 19-volt laptops, 12-volt devices, and has two USB 5-volt charge ports at 2.1 amps.

Price: $197.99

Available here.


Denali Sound Bomb

The best thing you can do on urban roads is “see and be seen.” Whether that means wearing bright colors or having bright lights on your motorcycle. Sound is also a formidable weapon in the motorcyclist arsenal of tools. Enter the Denali Sound Bomb. A 125 decibels horn that will alert other motorists and distracted drivers to your presence. Ask yourself, when was the last time you drove into or toward a loud noise? Chances are never. 

Price: $49.99

Available here.

Twisted Throttle

Alt Rider Luggage Rack

You may have already seen this on our Project Tiger bike but this rack comes ready to mount on a number of various motorcycles. It makes mounting bags and cargo to the back of any bike ultra easy by featuring a number of milled holes. Whether you are a fan of Rox Straps, bungee nets, or ratchet straps, the Alt Rider Luggage Rack is the best option for the motorcyclist needing versatility and space to carry additional gear.

Price: Ranges from $85-$300

Available here.


Spot Gen 3 Beacon

Group riding is not for everyone. Sometimes you want to get away from it all for the sake of your own sanity. Stay safe and connected to the world by carrying the Spot Gen 3 Beacon. This little orange device is your own personal SOS Beacon capable of alerting search and rescue in the event you are injured or stranded in the field. It comes with additional features, one of which allow you to "check in" via SMS messaging to predefined numbers. 

Price: $75

Available here.

James Tsukamoto

Ram Mount

Phones make for excellent GPS navigation tools so why not have it in a place where you can see it. Your phone also costs a lot of money so you want to ensure it stays put no matter where you ride. Look no further than the Ram X-Mount system. These spring-loaded, rubber pegs can adjust to any size phone and attach directly to most motorcycle handlebars.  

Price: $54.99

Available here.


Sena 20s

Sometimes it is best to ride and rock out Led Zeppelin or converse with your buddies. This is one of the best helmet communication devices for motorcyclists. The Sena 20S EVO allows for intercom communication with a handful of riders. It also allows for smartphone Bluetooth integration so users can listen to music, hear turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and interact with their smartphone. 

Price: $269

Available here


Oxford Heaterz Premium Hand Grips

Once you experience heated hand grips you will want them on every motorcycle you own or use regularly. Oxford has you covered with a pair of aftermarket heated grips. With five heat settings, you can make sure your mitts stay warm on cold days ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. Having numb hands when riding sucks and it's also unsafe. Be sure you never have to deal with that feeling again. 

Price: $89.95 

Available here.


Maxima SR1 Silicone spray

Really? A cleaning product? Yeah, it’s awesome. This spray keeps motorcycle plastics and metal looking like they just rolled off the showroom floor while protecting from the elements. It resists dirt build up and smells like bubblegum. This is the most understated and remarkable gift you can give. Watch as your motorcycle obsessed giftee stands in awe after using it on their bike. 

Price: $12.99

Available here.


Track Day Gift Cards

No matter what bike you ride, going out to a track is one of the best ways to hone your technique, receive professional coaching, and understand the limitations and advantages of your motorcycle. Plenty of racetracks around the country offer public days for both motorcyclists and driving enthusiasts.  Go one step further and find a certified motorcycle training course that takes place on a track. 

Price: Varies per session or day. 

Google or Contact the nearest race track in your area

Sam Bendall

MSF DirtBike School

Worried about riding on the busy urban roads? Want to stick to dirt bikes instead. Maybe you want to introduce your children or friends to dirt bikes. The MSF DirtBike School will teach you the basics in one day so you get out there and ride. Everything from proper riding techniques, operational control, and situational awareness techniques. All you have to do is continue practicing after you leave. 

Price: Varies per provider $125-$250 per person

Available here.

Sam Bendall