15 Cute Puppies Who Won’t Fit in These Luxury Cars Much Longer

These dogs are palm-sized and sleepy and probably going to inherit millions someday. 

bySean Evans| PUBLISHED Jan 14, 2016 6:01 PM
15 Cute Puppies Who Won’t Fit in These Luxury Cars Much Longer

We’re fans of Melissa McCarthy. She was great in St. Vincent. We can’t wait to see McCarthy in the forthcoming Ghostbusters remake. We even bestowed the Hell on Two Wheels Award on her for that Spy scene with the BMW C1 Scooter. However, we shed no tears this week when the laugh-tracked Mike and Molly was cancelled. McCarthy’s talents belong on the big screen. The moment we knew she’d made it? Absconding with the litter of puppies in that beater of a wood-panelled Dodge Caravan in Bridesmaids. Cinematic gold.

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That got us thinking about ferrying around our own four-legged friends. Now, we’re obviously massive fans of dogs in cars. There’s nothing that’ll induce a smile faster than when your little (or perhaps large) bundle of fur leaps into the car, tongue out, ears perked and eyes bouncing around, super-excited to be along for any jaunt. You can’t help but laugh as a frenetic tail thwacks you repeatedly in the face as your buddy leans out the window to chomp at the whooshing air.

Even if you’re not a pet parent, who doesn’t love seeing a little snout across the way at a stoplight? An evil person, that’s who. And, like McCarthy’s character in Bridesmaids proved, what’s better than one pooch peering back at you? A pack of ‘em. So here’s a bunch of photos of pups in cars. Get ready to “Aww!”, to share something from The Drive with your eight-year-old cousin for the first time and, in some cases, drool over the rides the pooches are perched in.