Mercedes Promotes X-Class by Sponsoring UCI Mountain Bike Championship

Mercedes hopes the partnership with UCI can help launch the X-CLass.

byDave Bartosiak| UPDATED Dec 1, 2017 11:45 AM
Mercedes Promotes X-Class by Sponsoring UCI Mountain Bike Championship

Mercedes is branching out into pickup trucks with its new X-Class. It’s not the first time Mercedes experimented by going off-road. It's been rewarded for its more adventurous vehicles in the past with strong demand for trucks like the 4x4-Squared and G-wagons. Stepping into the world of luxury trucks shouldn’t present too much of a problem.

The luxury brand is marketing the new vehicle through partnerships like its recent venture with the Union Cycliste Internationale. Starting next year, Mercedes will become the presenting sponsor of the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Mercedes hopes that the eye-catching promotional activities will help jump-start the arrival of the new trucks. It is planning a host of online and offline marketing initiatives in conjunction with the newly announced partnership. It's debuting the hashtag #MBWorldCup to get the word out. Also, X-Class trucks will be on hand at each event. Spectators can get VIP rides along the competition route and test drives in the pickup.

X-Class UCI Mountain Bike World Championships advertisement, Daimler AG

Speaking on the marketing initiative Sonja Schneemann, head of marketing communications and operations Mercedes-Benz Vans said, "Mountain biking enjoys tremendous popularity around the world – both as a hobby and a professional sport. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup takes place globally, and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. It is additionally broadcasted in 86 countries. As such mountain biking, and in particular the partnership with the UCI, is a perfect match for our X-Class. The X-Class is aimed at sports enthusiasts and those who live an active lifestyle. The core markets are not only Europe, but also Australia, South Africa and South America.”

She also added that the X-Class is perfect for all your off-roading needs with its ample storage for your cargo, bikes, and tents. It’s going to take some time for the X-Class to rub off on the off-road crowd. We all still remember that Lincoln Blackwood right?