Canada Man Ticketed for Playing Pokémon Go While Driving

“Now is not the time to use that,” as Professor Oak would say.

byEric Brandt| PUBLISHED Nov 19, 2017 3:07 PM
Canada Man Ticketed for Playing Pokémon Go While Driving

The hit mobile game Pokémon Go is so 2016, but one motorist in Vancouver, British Columbia is still out there catching ‘em all. The Vancouver Police department busted a Pokémon master who made it easy for the cops by pulling up beside two officers while playing the game from behind the wheel. He got slammed with a $368 ($288 USD) ticket.

In other Canadian distracted driving news, another genius also located in Vancouver was caught driving with both a smartphone and a tablet tied to his steering wheel with what appears to be a thin kite string. He got caught because he was wearing headphones while driving because of course he was.

Incidentally, this driver who took distracted driving to new levels did not get a ticket for distracted driving like the aforementioned Pokémon trainer. Instead, he got an $81 ($63 USD) ticket for failing to produce a driver’s license according to the Vancouver Sun.

It’s worth noting that the Lexus this guy was driving has a manual transmission. One of the many virtues of driving stick is that it’s a deterrent of messing around on your phone while driving because you need both hands to drive. Apparently, this Canadian driver didn’t want to let driving manual stop him from being entertained by multiple devices.

Does this mean infotainment screens in our steering wheels could be in our future? I’m not sure how the airbag would fit into that technology, but who knows? Until the technology gets there, just keep your hands off your phone and your tablet while you’re driving.