Motorcycle Gang Terrorizes the Greater Toronto Area With Highway Hooliganism

These out-of-control Canadian madmen didn't even say sorry.

One of the most pleasant places in the world is being plagued with great unpleasantness. Sections of highway in southern Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area were overrun by a mob of hooligans on motorcycles doing burnouts, performing wheelies, and holding up traffic in an unsafe manner last Sunday. This large motorcycle gang of 150-200 riders has gotten several complaints with Ontario Provincial Police. Authorities are looking for any information they can use to track down these hoodlums.

As of now, it doesn’t appear that any accidents or injuries have been caused by this mob, and they’re just causing a ruckus. But still: “The actions of these riders jeopardized the safety of all road users by increasing the risk of collisions, as well as frustrating drivers which may lead to road rage incidents,” police said in a statement on Wednesday according to CBC.

An officer made an attempt to make a traffic stop in a marked police car, but the riders disregarded him and took off. The officer didn’t pursue in order to prevent any further risk to motorists and the riders themselves.

Seargent Kerry Schmidt of Ontario Provincial Police has posted videos on Twitter explaining the situation and asking the public for help. He even urges any of the riders involved to turn themselves in asking them to “come clean, speak to a lawyer, come forward, and make contact [with the police].” This isn’t the first time Seargent Schmidt has caught our attention for cracking down on reckless motorists.

If you happen to have any information about this motorcycle gang, you can call Ontario Provincial Police at 416-317-8250 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.