Drive Wire: Would You Pay $150,000 for a Daytona in a Barn?

In barn-find news, a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona that sat in an Alabama barn for decades will go on the block at Mecum Auctions next month. The car is unrestored and unaltered, except for a bad flame job by its previous owner, but its 440-inch magnum big block and torque-flite transmission are all there. The Charger is expected to go for a cool 150 to 180 thousand dollars. Seems steep for a car that may need work just about everywhere, but this is the Dodge version of the Superbird, after all, one of about 400 left, and they’ll never be cheaper than this one. Be our hero – buy it, get it running, hose it off and drive it as is, and we’ll buy you a beer.