Watch FDNY Ladder 111’s Men Pick Up a Smart Car Like It Were a Toy

And that's why you never skip leg day.

There’s never been a debate whether or not the firemen of the New York Fire Department, a.k.a. the FDNY, are strong enough. However, there are still times where their strength impresses the normally-stoic citizens of NYC.  Recently, the boys of Ladder 111 in Brooklyn were unable to get down a street due to an illegally double-parked Toyota Tundra. (Ladder 111 is a 2013 Seagrave Aerialscope 75 foot tower ladder, so you can safely assume it is already a pain to navigate in the tight streets of Brooklyn.) 

Rather than moving the Tundra, however, the truck company directed their attention at a Car2Go Smart Fortwo. Fortunately, the boys from “The Nut House” had made sure to do a few extra deadlifts at the gym, so four of them were able to move the 2,050-pound compact onto the sidewalk so they could pass. Doing a a little back-of-the-napkin math, we noticed that if the men lifted the car directly into the air, they would each be deadlifting 512.5 pounds. So by lifting one side at a time, they probably cut the weight down to around 350 pounds (a super rough estimate, admittedly). As you can see, the firemen used the car’s suspension system as a way to gain a little momentum before lifting the vehicle. 

Once the car was out of their way, the men filed back into Ladder 111 and went on their way. Seeing such an accomplishment isn’t entirely surprising, as the FDNY and other departments are filled to the brim with fitness fanatics…but it’s still impressive.