Trademarks Filed for Hyundai Genesis 'GT' Moniker for Upcoming Luxury Coupes

A "GT70" 4 Series-fighter will reportedly drop before 2020.

Vision G Coupe Concept
Hyundai Motor America

In true luxury car fashion, Hyundai's dedicated luxury brand Genesis uses alphanumeric nomenclature—sedans are initialed "G" for Genesis and crossovers christened "GV" with the V denoting increased versatility. The number that follows tells you its place in the lineup. For example, the G70 will be smaller and less expensive than the G80, the GV70 will be bigger and badder than the GV60, you get the idea. 

When it came to assigning a prefix to the brand's upcoming line of two-door GTs, well, they didn't have to look very hard. According to trademark filings dug up by the folks at Motor Authority, grand tourers made by Genesis will likely carry a no-brainer "GT" badge on its rear end. Specifically, Genesis has taken the monikers "GT60", "GT70", "GT80", and "GT90" allowing for a full, Mercedes-esque range of Korean luxury coupes sometime in the future.

According to a leaked Genesis product map, the first of these, a "Near Luxury Sport Coupe" (made along the same lines as the BMW 4 Series and Lexus RC) is scheduled to drop by 2020. Don't be surprised to find this to take the GT70 name and be based on the G70 Kia Stinger/3 Series-fighter coming later this year.