Jaguar Land Rover Starts Solar Power Initiative In Kenya

Jaguar Land Rover partners with ClimateCare for a solar-powered future.

byKevin Tagoe| PUBLISHED Jun 6, 2017 1:44 PM
Jaguar Land Rover Starts Solar Power Initiative In Kenya

The United Kingdom’s largest automaker, Jaguar Land Rover, has had an up-and-down year overall. Despite losing $3.75 million worth of engines in a dramatic six-minute heist at their Solihull factory earlier this year, the company would go on to post record sales for its 2016 fiscal year after a great fourth quarter performance. And they're following up those impressive numbers with a little goodwill initiative, announced the beginning of a program with partner ClimateCare to bring solar power to over 1 million people in Kenya.

Called Lighting Up Lives, the initiative is concentrated on providing safe and clean light sources for Kenya. The more conventional kerosene light sources emit harmful pollutants that are a leading cause of premature death in the country. Jaguar Land Rover is confident that switching to solar power is not only safer due to the lack of emissions, but also more practical due to its renewable nature and relative lack of expense.

The result will be safe, lasting light during nighttime hours for people across Kenya, allowing for extended educational opportunities, which in turn should help the economy.

They're also bolstering their green-energy credentials at home, having recently come out with a plan to move to 100% renewable electricity for its facilities in the U.K.—and that's on top of having the country's largest rooftop solar array at its West Midlands Engine Manufacturing Center.