A Classic Car Graveyard in the Middle of Nowhere

A local junkyard owner is offering is auctioning off over 300 classic rides in the middle of the South Dakota Great Plains.

‘If you ever get the opportunity to visit a junkyard, chances are you’ll find out that the owner may have a chronic mental condition which is known in the car business called ACD—automotive compulsive disorder.

It can manifest in strange ways and often times it makes you buy things in bulk that would otherwise make other auto enthusiasts shake their head or lower their jaw. One guy I know who is now retired (and divorced) made it his thing to buy every single Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible he could ever get his hands on. Why? I have no idea. Another friend still in the thick of the business has an undying love for Mercedes SL models from the 1980s and 1990s. That one I can understand a bit better. 

The owner of K&K Auto in Mobridge, South Dakota is a completely different bird. He’s one of those unfortunate blessed souls who found a way to make his automotive compulsive disorder into a retirement opportunity. 

He’s selling over 300 classic cars. 

1970 Plymouth Fury III

As the recent press release states:

“Kerry Droog, owner of K&K Auto, has been working on this collection for over 40 years and has finally made the difficult decision to sell. As the son of an auctioneer and owner of a salvage yard, Kerry has been buying from auctions his entire life and picking treasures from local farms to add to his unique collection. ”  

Auctions and junkyards are to classic car collectors what thrift stores and local county dumps are to your neighborhood hoarder. You can buy ’em cheap, stack ’em high, and keep coming back for more. In this particular case there is an awful lot of beautiful eye candy for you to enjoy which I personally attribute to a lack of code enforcement busybodies in Mr. Droog’s neck of the woods. 

So if you want to ever consider collecting old 1980s and 1990s Volvos, like yours truly, consider the link below as an example of what automotive compulsive disorder can allow you to do in due time. 


Some sicknesses need no cure.