What You Need to Know About Create the Future 2017

How would you create the future for $20,000?

byKevin Tagoe| PUBLISHED May 20, 2017 6:21 PM
What You Need to Know About Create the Future 2017

Not everyone knows about the Society of Automotive Engineers, but people all over the world benefit from the organization's work. The SAE is, “the ultimate knowledge source for mobility engineering.” It is also a supporter of the Create the Future Contest. Started by a subsidiary of the SAE known as the Tech Briefs Media Group in 2002, the Create the Future strives to inspire the innovative and creative sides of all of us. The Tech Briefs Media Group works through the SAE to offer a variety of print and electronic media to deliver, “unparalleled coverage of the design engineering market across multiple disciplines.”

Sponsored primarily by COMSOL, Mouser Electronics, Analog Devices, and Intel, the Create the Future contest strives to encourage innovative and forward-thinking products and ideas. COMSOL is an internationally-recognized simulation software developer for product design projects. Mouser Electronics, an electronics distributor geared towards electrical engineers, is also a Berkshire Hathaway Company. Analog Devices is known as a world leader in data conversion and signal conditioning technology. Although it does not need much of an introduction, Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, and produces some of the most advanced computer processors in the world. Other sponsors include Schneider Electric, Zeus, Hewlett-Packard, and NVIDIA.

Potential innovations come from around the world and span a wide gamut of industries, including the automotive industry. Furthermore, winners have ranged from the employees of large multinational companies for projects like Castrol NEXCEL, to smaller projects spearheaded by individuals like the Rowheel propulsion system, a rethinking of wheelchair mobility.

With so many different categories and opportunities to showcase ideas and achievements, potential designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs have plenty of time and incentive to show what they are capable of. There is nothing to lose, except maybe anonymity, and thousands of dollars worth of support to gain. If you think you can create the future, give it a shot!