So the British Hill Climb Champion is Freakin’ Bonkers…

Seriously. Like doing 100 mph down your driveway.

For the next 34 seconds, you will view the world through the eyes of the Alex Summers. Ripping down a course barely wider than his racecar, the man cheats death, turn after turn, chasing a perfect pass at the Doune Hillclimb in Doune Scotland. The speed is massively impressive. And freakin’ terrifying.

His chariot of choice? The Gould GR61X, and that beautiful 3.5-litre Nicholson-McLaren V8 that accompanies it. With globs of power and a fine tuned suspension, dude has no trouble getting this puppy moving. He covers 0.8 miles in 34.82 seconds, averaging a psychotic 85 mph en route to becoming the 2015 British Hill Climb Champion.

Godspeed, Summers. British Hill Climb is nuts. You’re a better man than I.