So the British Hill Climb Champion is Freakin’ Bonkers…

Seriously. Like doing 100 mph down your driveway.

byMax Goldberg|
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For the next 34 seconds, you will view the world through the eyes of the Alex Summers. Ripping down a course barely wider than his racecar, the man cheats death, turn after turn, chasing a perfect pass at the Doune Hillclimb in Doune Scotland. The speed is massively impressive. And freakin’ terrifying.

His chariot of choice? The Gould GR61X, and that beautiful 3.5-litre Nicholson-McLaren V8 that accompanies it. With globs of power and a fine tuned suspension, dude has no trouble getting this puppy moving. He covers 0.8 miles in 34.82 seconds, averaging a psychotic 85 mph en route to becoming the 2015 British Hill Climb Champion.

Godspeed, Summers. British Hill Climb is nuts. You’re a better man than I.