Drivers of New York: Rich

A photographic portrait of America’s most unlikely car lovers.

Tuukka Koski (

No matter the shape, no matter the make, no matter the era, The Drive and Classic Car Club have a love affair with the automobile. Somewhere under those steel roofs and carbon engine covers, there’s a personality. It might be that of a champion, or perhaps, more like your recovering alcoholic Uncle Eddie. But it’s undeniably there.

And thus, the birth of this photographic column. These are snippets, little insights into the life of a car and, more importantly, those of the people who own them. There will be no rolling prose, no feature-length interview. Just an automobile and its owner, as seen through the lens of Finnish phenom Tuukka Koski.

Broadway, Manhattan. 2000 Honda Civic Coupe

Tuukka Koski (

“It delivers a lot of power early. It’s a 1.9-liter engine that delivers 598 horses and 395 foot-pounds of torque to the wheels on pump gas. I used to race, but now I’m too old for that shit. It’s been on the cover of Honda Tuning, USDM Freax and a bunch of other magazines in the U.S. and Japan.”

Tuukka Koski (

“I bought the car years ago and just started working on it. Then I started my shop, V Raceworks.  We have a location in New York and one in Massachusetts. Next week, we’re taking the car to a show at Mohegan Sun. We win a lot of car shows. That’s how Honda people know we have a great shop.”