Putsch Racing’s DeLorean Is almost as Cool as Doc’s

C’mon, let’s see this baby do 88.

byMax Goldberg|
Racing photo

Contrary to popular belief, most DeLoreans are powered by a lethargic V6, not 1.21 Gigawatts of bananas and Miller High Life. A 2.85-liter 170-hp V6 slowly pushed the DeLorean from zero to 60 mph in an official—and optimistic—8.8 seconds.

Thankfully, Putsch Racing slapped some Weber carbs and a racing exhaust on to give its DeLorean 210 hp for our viewing pleasure—modest, but the visuals are anything but. As you can see, the Putsch DMC-12 has a little more oomph than factory-direct models, and as a bonus, it spits fire!

No trails of flaming rubber, mind…