Go-Kart Paintball Should Really Be a Sport

Get cut off? Bumped? Is Felipe really faster than you? This is the motorsport for you!

byStef Schrader|
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Some of us are just prone to red mist behind the wheel. I've battled the angry voices in my head before myself. I've cursed a bit in my helmet and yelled into the void that is my driver's seat. I spun out my own boyfriend once with a well-placed bump, but he was in my way. No regrets. I will die alone...a winner.

Fortunately, there is a better way to channel your behind-the-wheel anger before you end up in an even worse situation that completely ruins your life. I suppose you could funnel your frustration into working up the guts to pass or even learning how to drive better, but that's complicated and that last one takes a lot of seat time. Turns out, you can simply release your frustration with a paintball gun!

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Audi Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi captured his night out at a karting track just outside São Paulo, Brazil, where every karter on track had a paintball gun. He described it as "Mario Kart in real life," and it looks like a blast. 

"If you're driving your go kart and become upset because somebody got past, you can just let them have it and fire a hail of paintballs," di Grassi explains. 

Granted, this also looks mildly dangerous. As the video shows, getting shot with a paintball without the usual protective paintball gear (and sometimes even with it) does leave a mark. Taking a paintball to the visor means that your vision is blocked, too. To their credit, the karts aren't super fast and of all the people I'd trust not to be stupid here, a past Formula E champion is near the top of the list. 

So, before you get so mad that you chuck a kart bumper at a competitor, why not give paintball karting a try?

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