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Someone Is Selling Their Entire Sprint Car Racing Team for $150,000

For that, you get two full cars, a semi and trailer, and buckets of spare parts. Need we say more?

Even in its most grassroots form, racing is expensive. From homebrew drag cars to full-fledged circuit regulars, the cost of consumables and maintenance alone are enough to keep most people away. That said, it’s not impossible if you can scrounge together enough sponsor dollars to get an operation off the ground. And if you’re lucky, a smokin’ deal will come along to help get things going, like someone selling their entire operation, including semis, spare parts, and the actual race cars themselves.

Such is the case with Probst Motorsports, which is selling off its 410 winged sprint car team as a whole. At first blush, the asking price of $150,000 might seem a bit steep, but once you see what that includes, you might reconsider.

Off the bat, there’s a pair of J&J sprint car chassis—one from 2009 with approximately 15 races under its belt, counting a feature win, and a new 2017 model that’s never been raced. The former comes with white and black fiberglass panelwork while the latter boasts a carbon fiber body. Two Ostrich 410-cubic-inch V8s also come with the sale, each with slightly different specs although they’re both complete. One has run just three races since new and the other has completed 65 laps since fresh, and each will come with engine vitals and dyno sheets.

For those wondering, that price does include the ever-so-important shocks needed to make the cars dance around the dirt. Two fresh sets of double adjustable Super Shox are thrown in as well as a new set of DHR Pro Shocks with Shockwear covers.

Matt Myers via Facebook Marketplace

Finally, it’s all the intangibles that seem to make this whole deal worth it. Sixteen Weld wheels and four new HRP top wings ensure you’ve got the necessary hardware for any given race weekend, as do the bins of other spare parts. You’ll even be able to haul them with the team’s truck and trailer. The 1987 Kenworth T600, which was formerly a transporter for the Payton-Coyne IndyCar team in the ’90s, has traveled 490,000 miles with its Cummins engine. It’s paired to a 2009-model 44-feet stacker trailer that can fit both cars with spare parts and complete workstations.

The team’s for-sale listing on Facebook Marketplace says it isn’t looking to split the package up and would rather sell it as a whole to a single party. Regardless, this could be the best way to get into top-tier dirt track competition if you’re a successful businessperson or recently won the lottery. Speaking of which, we’re on our way to buy our own ticket right now.

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