Meet the Log Car, a 75-hp Turbine Cedar Tree Mazda

Now in the Guinness World Records as the fastest motorized log.

byBrendan McAleer|
Racing photo

You’ve got your surf Woodies, and then you’ve got this, a 75-horsepower wheeled tree. Meet the Log Car, a 240-year-old cedar resting on the chassis of a Mazda RX-8, created by a Canadian Brian Reid, Sr. Power comes from two sources, a pair of electric turbines, and an electric direct drive attached to the rear differential. Total weight is around 2,200 pounds. It’s like somebody took the ash-frame of a Morgan 4/4 and went off the deep end.

Is it fast? Not really. At the dragstrip, Reid’s wheeled caber toss went through the timers at a leisurely 56 mph. You could say Log Car’s bark is worse than its bite. (That’s strike one.—Ed.) Perhaps a Roots-type supercharger is needed. (Watch yourself, McAleer.—Ed.) Maybe it’d do better as a corner-carver. (Anddd you’re done.—Ed.)

Still, the performance was good enough to land the Log Car in the Guinness World Records as the fastest motorized log. The whole thing starts making a lot more sense when you find out Reid is president of Pioneer Log Homes, and star of a reality television series called Timber Kings.

The Log Car will tour the country over the next few months, before being auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson. The hope is that the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund several veterans charities. What better vehicle to park in your driveway next Earth Day?