Indian Scout FTR750 Sweeps Top Seven Positions at Sacramento Mile Motorcycle Race

Indian’s flat track dominance continues.

byEric Brandt|
Indian Scout FTR750 Sweeps Top Seven Positions at Sacramento Mile Motorcycle Race

The Indian Scout FTR750 appears to be unstoppable. Continuing a strong season, the Indian Wrecking Crew and several privateers swept not only the podium but the top seven spots in an American Flat Track race this past weekend. This is the third consecutive AFT race with the podium being swept by the Scout FTR750.

“Once again, Indian Motorcycle dominated this past weekend’s flat track race at the Sacramento Mile,” said an Indian representative in an email to The Drive. “Champion rider Jared Mees continued his roll on first place, while FTR750 privateer Kenny Coolbeth Jr. took second, and Indian team rider [Bryan Smith] took third.”

This win for Jared Mees comes shortly after his disqualification from the Atlanta Short Track and subsequent victory at the Texas Half-Mile. His disqualification was for getting caught with banned chemicals on his tires and was forced to sit out a race, but that obstacle hasn’t slowed his roll.

“It feels great to finally get the win at the legendary Sacramento Mile. This has been a track I have desperately wanted for many years,” said Mees in a press release. “The Indian Scout FTR750 once again proved it’s the best bike on the track—this time taking the top seven sports.”

But Mees wasn’t the only one overcoming a roadblock. Indian team rider Bryan Smith just broke his left fibula during a Semi-Final race at the Texas Half-Mile less than a month ago and managed to snag his best finish this season coming in third.

Mees remains at the top of the standings with 125 points with Henry Wiles in second with 89 points trailed by Briar Bauman in third with 82 points.