Second Generation Formula E Race Car Steals the Spotlight in Geneva

The upcoming Formula E racer's new battery has nearly twice the capacity and will do away with mid-race car swaps.

The future of the pinnacle of electric racing was ushered in today in Geneva, as FIA President Jean Todt and Founder and CEO of Formula E Alejandro Agag pulled the covers of the next generation Formula E race car. The missile-looking racer was thrown into the limelight courtesy of a robot arm supplied by series’ title partner ABB.

Officially dubbed the FIA Formula E Gen2 car, it will be the championship spec contender for the upcoming Formula E season, which kicks off in December of 2018 and wraps up in the summer of 2019. Some of the most notable visual changes of the Gen2 car include the new Halo cockpit safety device that recently launched in Formula 1, as well as an innovative strip of LED lighting adhered to the car. The lighting system concept will enable fans to better follow the strategy of their favorite team or driver by indicating things such as different power modes and other race-related information.

Jean Todt and Alejandro Agag pose by the new Formula E race car., Formula E

“The FIA Formula E Gen2 really looks like a car of the future. It’s encouraging to see the progress made in just four years – to double the range of the car and increase the power output is the result of a great effort. With the support of so many manufacturers, Formula E will continue to push the development of electric vehicle technology, and promote sustainable mobility in many cities around the world,” said FIA President Jean Todt.

FIA Formula E Gen2 race car., Formula E

Of course, the most important changes took place under the carbon fiber body, where a more capable battery quite literally doubled the range of the new car. The new battery will not only improve longevity and do away with the infamous mid-race car swaps, but it increased the power output of the car to 250kW, an increase of 50kW that will see the potential top speed of Formula E reach nearly 175 miles per hour. Allowing all the aero and electric magic translate into grip and speed will be a set of Michelin Pilot Sport all-weather tires, which were specifically designed for electric street racing.

The new design has captivated the hearts and minds of manufacturers and sponsors alike, as household names like Hugo Boss and Nissan have both confirmed their future participation in Formula E. The current season ends on July 15 at the New York City E-Prix.