Alonso's McLaren-Renault Makes It 6 Laps Into the Pre-Season Test

The orange McLaren found itself beached soon after taking to the tarmac for the first time in 2018.


Fernando Alonso and McLaren-Renault aren't having the start to the Formula 1 season they're hoping for, as a loose wheel nut caused the Spaniard's first track outing of the year to last a mere six laps. The early off-road excursion also triggered the season's first red flag, which happened less than one hour into the session.

The video of the accident shows Alonso tackling the chicane at what appears to be a fairly strong pace, but soon thereafter, the rear end of the MCL33 begins to break away as Alonso sets up for the next right-hander. Suddenly it all goes wrong, the right rear wheel goes up in the air, he loses control and quickly does a 180-degree spin into the gravel trap.

According to Formula 1, Alonso did not suffer any injuries, but the car's damage was still being assessed as the first test session of the day rushed to a close.