The Evening Rush for Dec. 09, 2015

Your nightly cull of automotive, gear and lifestyle news, all in one place.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Dec 9, 2015 11:19 PM
The Evening Rush for Dec. 09, 2015

The Evening Rush is your daily roundup of auto, gear, and lifestyle news, all in one place. Less time searching, more time driving. Motor on.


Remember watching that video of the little girl controlling Volvo’s newest dump truck? Well, the Swedish car manufacturer has just revealed how it made the indestructible remote control vehicle come to life. Obviously, it is pretty awesome.

Fiat-Chrysler has issued a recall for 121,000 Dodge Darts from the 2013-14 model years, citing brake issues. FCA says some vehicles may need their vacuum tubing replaced due to oil migration issues that could cause the driver to have trouble stopping or slowing.

General Motors is making improvements to its Bowling Green, Kentucky, assembly plant to accommodate the runaway success of the new Corvette Z06. GM plans to invest $44 million into the project, resulting in the addition of 36 news jobs.


If you are in the market for a solid pair of affordable bookshelf speakers that will always produce clear sound at high volume, take a look at Audio Engine’s A5+ units.

With winter just days away and slush not far behind, it is time to purchase some solid floor liners for your car or truck. Rather than picking models that only kinda-sorta of fit, go with Weathertech. Boom. Perfect fit.


A clean haircut and shave is an essential part of any man’s presentation, so when it comes to finding the right barber, don’t be lazy. If you live in the NYC area, treat yourself at Freeman’s Sporting Club to a mighty fine cut and hot shave.

As the holiday season gets going, everyone is bombarded with holiday parties and family events. Instead of resigning yourself to knotting the same tie you use every year, check out Vineyard Vines’ wide array of holiday neckties and bowties.

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