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Watch a 17-Year-Old Driver Wreck Spectacularly in a Stadium Super Truck

The high-powered truck rolled four times before landing on its three remaining wheels. The young driver was unhurt.

This past weekend marked 17-year-old Jake Kostecki’s Stadium Super Trucks debut. Kostecki has had plenty of race experience at his young age, but this was the first time he competed in the high-powered Super Trucks. Rather than laying low, Kostecki got himself into a significant wreck on lap two at Barbagallo Raceway in Perth, Australia. Even though he was unharmed in the incident, the wreck caught the eyes of the race community.

The crash occurred when the young driver attempted to clear a jump between turn one and turn two, but came in contact with Travis Milburn’s back left tire, causing the truck to lose control. From the looks of the video, the contact caused Kostecki’s car to go into the early stages of a barrel role before landing and subsequently crashing. In total, Kostecki rolled four times before landing on the three remaining wheels. Like a true racer, Kostecki attempted to drive off, but the extensive damage to his truck prevented him from doing so. 

After looking closely at the video—and the sport in general—you can see that Super Trucks have extreme body roll and such long suspension travel that it’s easy to float about the track. Unfortunately, Kostecki floated in the wrong direction, causing him to experience a race-ending wreck. 

Hopefully his second appearance racing Stadium Super Trucks goes a little better.