Watch Abu Dhabi Police Close a Highway to Rescue a Kitty

Adorable, but probably not to those who couldn't use the highway.

Four lanes of traffic on a busy highway in the United Arab Emirates were shut down due to a grave emergency involving a furry, four-legged feline. The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense team was called by a concerned citizen reporting a stranded black kitten on Shaikh Zayed Street.

This highway, also known as Salam Street, is the longest road in the United Arab Emirates and it’s the main entry and exit for many major cities in the region. The Civil Defense Team joined forces with Abu Dhabi Traffic Police in their mission to rescue the kitty.

The situation escalated when the adorable little feline almost crossed the median to the other side of the highway where there were still four lanes of heavy traffic but appeared unable due to its tiny size. In the video, one of the brave men of the Civil Defense team is seen gingerly approaching the cat and gently picking it up. The kitten audibly meows with gratitude. Once the cat was retrieved, it’s hurried back to one of the three response vehicles on the scene.

As of this writing, this video has 2.7 million views on Gulf News’ Facebook page and over 34,000 shares. Eyewitnesses and many animal-loving viewers are praising the brave Abu Dhabi Civil Defense team for their response to the situation.

In a press release, the Director General of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Colonel Mohammad Abdul Jaleel Al Ansari said that his team “always deals with such incidents seriously by upholding the humanitarian and animal welfare principles.”

If you were one of the motorists inconvenienced by this rescue, would you be glad the kitty was saved or would you be frustrated that you had to tell your boss you were late because of a cat in the road?