Watch a Kung Fu Master Pull Seven Audis with His Testes

Do not try this at home.

byChris Tsui|
Watch a Kung Fu Master Pull Seven Audis with His Testes


Talk about ball strength. Ye Wei, Chinese martial arts expert and my new personal hero, managed to move seven cars tied to his testicles a whopping 26 feet in Zibo, China late last week. These weren't Smart cars either. Ye opted for full-fat German executive sedans from Audi, which added up to 12.6 tonnes (or almost 13.9 Imperial tons, for those of you keeping track). Apparently, this isn't the first time Ye has demonstrated his superior loin strength either; the Daily Mail reports that his previous record last year saw him move five cars with his genitals. 

Amazingly, Ye says that this is actually a "wellness regime practiced by Taoists to improve their fertility." Health benefits associated with pulling heavy objects with your manly parts is apparently not completely unfounded by science either, as Dr. Chen Yu of Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital's Department of Urology told Apple Daily Taiwan that the regime could help "cure or prevent urinary incontinence as the exercise trains the pelvis and muscles around the thigh." I guess if it can hold the weight of seven Audi sedans, a little bit of urine shouldn't be a problem. 

Marvel at this amazing feat of nut strength here:

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