Follow the Life of an Eibach Spring

From computer rendering to off road, see how an Eibach spring is created.

PUBLISHED Jan 11, 2018 1:37 PM
Follow the Life of an Eibach Spring

Eibach is a suspension manufacturer with a proven record in motorsport. Eibach's performance springs have been tested at the highest forms of motorsport including NASCAR, WRC, IndyCar, and even Formula 1. Recently the YouTube channel Driving Line, produced by Nitto Tire, put out a video allowing you to follow the life of an Eibach Spring from CAD drawings to being thrashed off road.

The life of the spring you get to follow starts as a CAD drawing at Eibach's North American Headquarters located in Corona, California. The spring gets a printed build sheet which provides a paper trail of the spring through the build process. 

Driving Line | YouTube

The physical spring starts its life as part of a 4,000-pound spool of high-tensile spring wire. The large spoil is cut and wound into the spring-sized pieces you see under your vehicle. Those spring pieces are put through Eibach's tempering process, subjecting them to high heat to relieve the stress of the winding process. Next, the springs are put through a grinding process to minimize side-load deflection.

The springs are put through shot peening, which increases the springs' strength, performance, and consistent operation. After that, the springs go through pre-setting, which tests the full compression of the springs to guarantee consistent loads and ride-height of the spring. The springs go through a quality assurance test to measure production specifications. 

After that, all that is left is the multi-stage phosphate and powder coating for corrosion protection. Then they're boxed up and out the door.

In the case of the springs in the video, they are mounted to an overlander Toyota Tacoma build and taken off road.

Check out the Driving Line's Life of an Eibach Spring video below to get more of the details.