The World’s Fastest Christmas Tree Lives On Top of a Hellcat

I’d like to see Santa try to catch this one.

byRob Stumpf|
The World’s Fastest Christmas Tree Lives On Top of a Hellcat

There are only a few days until Christmas, and you're about to blow it. You forgot to go shopping, the lights meant to be strung across your gutters are still coiled tightly in their boxes (just as they were last year), and you have yet to get a tree to decorate. Don't worry, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, with a little help from Hennessey Performance, can help you pick one up last minute at an incredible speed.

The Hellcat may not be a Demon, but that doesn't make this feat any less impressive. The boys at Hennessey decided that they needed to start the holidays off with a bang after taking delivery of the latest widebody Hellcat, letting the car stretch its legs for a quick sprint to 174 mph, but that wasn't enough to put coal in their stockings.

So the staff coupled their SeaSucker suction cup roof rack to the top of the car and headed to Lowes to pick up a live Christmas tree. From there, it was a trip to the Continental Tire Test Track in Uvalde, Texas to make sure that the tree could make it home in one piece, assuming you were traveling at 174 mph. Check out the video below to see how it fared.

Surprisingly, everything held up pretty damn well. The ratchet straps prevented the tree from falling, and the SeaSucker mounts did their job as intended. What is more impressive is watching the Hellcat put all 707 ponies to the test to reach that speed. Watching the final stretch from 170 mph to 174 mph is probably the most impressive part. The car gobbles up road to reach the speed, causing the speedometer to dance along the way as suspension travel transfers weight around the car. When the moment of truth arrives and a sigh of relief escapes your mouth because the wait is finally over.

Now that your Christmas tree is finally home, you can decorate it as you please, as long as you don't mind some of the bristles that were lost in transit. Presents will soon be safely nested under it, with your child's Tesla Radio Flyer wrapped up safe and sound. Now, you can finally sleep at night knowing that you saved Christmas with speed.