Watch This ‘Pit Stop’ Celebration by the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs

Touchdown. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines?

byBrian Beers|
Watch This ‘Pit Stop’ Celebration by the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs


We are truly living in the peak era of NFL team touchdown celebrations. This past weekend, it was the Kansas City Chiefs who choreographed a slick racing-themed end zone performance for their hometown fans.

It all began as the Chiefs scored on a long 64-yard pass from quarterback Alex Smith to wideout Tyreke Hill midway through the second quarter during their 30-13 drubbing of the Los Angeles Chargers

Hill (#10) immediately worked his way across the field in some sort of hybrid driving/dancing motion. As he decelerated into a simulated "pit-stop," he was surrounded by a group of teammates who went to work to get Hill's ride moving again.

Hill's teammate, Anthony Sherman (#42) appears to successfully change Hill's tires (or cleats perhaps) as fellow receiver Albert Wilson (#12) handles the refueling. The rest of the crew just looks happy to be along for the ride. In a little less than ten seconds, Hill was out of the mock pits and headed into a sprint across the back of the end zone. 

The racing performance would seem to be a very appropriate celebration for Hill, who is known to be one of the NFL's fastest players

Let's hope they didn't forget to secure the lug nuts.