Watch This Inattentive Driver Soar Over an Intersection and Smash Into a Pole

Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me.

YouTube | slickshaft

Dash cam crash videos are a dime a dozen these days. What's rarer is the rear dash cam view, providing us with the opportunity to watch horrible drivers get their comeuppance from an entirely different angle. Today's example comes from Canada, where a careless driver and a well-placed drainage ditch combined to create some impressive aerial acrobatics on Tuesday.

User slickshaft uploaded the remarkable clip to YouTube, writing in the video description that the crash occurred in Ontario on Tuesday. He noticed the driver swerving and failing to maintain a constant speed in his rear view mirror, and kept and eye on him until the inevitable happened. After several close calls, the Honda Accord finally veered off the right side of the road, driving along the edge of a drainage ditch before hitting the end like a ramp and sailing over a four-lane intersection—straight into a pole.

According to the Ottowa Citizen, paramedics responded and took 54-year-old Richard Poirier to the hospital for minor injuries. The police weren't as benevolent, charging him with careless driving. Chances are he would have immediately been slapped with a DUI charge as well if drugs or alcohol were involved, so we're left to assume this is one more case of distracted driving gone awry.