Watch an Illinois Man Dive Into a Runaway Car to Save a Man Having a Seizure

The amazing act of heroism was caught on a Dixon, Illinois Police Department dashcam.

byMax Goldberg|
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It isn't very often that you get the chance to do something heroic—but when the time comes, you hope you are ready. Apparently Dixon, Illinois resident Randy Tompkins was ready to assist a total stranger when the time came, going full Dukes of Hazzard to help prevent an accident. 

As you can see on this Dixon Police Department cruiser dashcam, a Dixon resident was in distress and unable to operate his Honda Accord. According to the Police Department's Facebook page, the Accord driver was suffering from a seizure at the time of the June 2nd incident, a situation brought to the officer's attention when the Honda blew through a red light and proceed down the wrong way on a busy avenue.

Randy Tompkins was traveling in the opposite direction with his GMC Sierra when he noticed something was wrong with the driver. Since Tompkins has a different vantage point than the officers, he was able to quickly determine this was no traffic violation, but rather, a medical emergency. Tompkins quickly sprang into action, reversing his vehicle out of the Honda's path, putting it in park, sprinting to the Accord and diving in through the passenger-side window. 

Tompkins was able to throw the car into park and bring it to a safe stop. He then opened the car door for the approaching officers, so they could assess the patient and call on Dixon City Fire for help.

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