New Short Film What A Ride Captures the Tragic Death of a Porsche Devotee

Filmmaker Daniel Soares releases a new short that chronicles the last joyful days of a Porsche-obsessed Californian.

byChristian Gilbertsen| UPDATED Feb 8, 2017 9:41 AM
New Short Film What A Ride Captures the Tragic Death of a Porsche Devotee

Daniel Soares didn't start filming What A Ride expecting its plot to take a drastic turn. No one did. But, as is life, tragedy often strikes unexpectedly. 

Continuing the filmmaker's theme of profiling groups that are passion-driven—a film on roller skaters in San Francisco preceded this one, for instance—Soares got in touch with a crew of four Northern Californian vintage car enthusiasts before embarking with them on the The Bohemian Run, a vintage rally that took place around Napa Valley. 

One of these enthusiasts was named Jordan Hilsenbeck, the owner of a customized rally-prepped 1969 Porsche 911 S. Soares wanted to document the preparation required before embarking on a vintage rally, so he had his camera running on Hilsenbeck before they left. And he had it running the day Hilsenbeck was killed in a crash during the rally. 

After the crash, Soares didn't know what to do with the footage he had captured. The film he had originally anticipated making took an unexpected, tragic turn. A few months after Hilsenbeck's death, though, Soares reached out to his family asking if they would let him create a tribute to their fallen son. They agreed, and the result is a bittersweet tribute to a man who lived and breathed Porsche. 

You can watch the short film in its entirety below.