Vintage BMW 5-Series Getaway Car Begets Meltdown

With his crew’s bank heist in progress, a wheelman goes to pieces and murders his E28 sedan.

byMax Prince|
Vintage BMW 5-Series Getaway Car Begets Meltdown

Every decent heist deserves a decent getaway car. Barry Newman had a Dodge Challenger, Michael Caine a fleet of Mini Coopers. In this short film from British director Olly Williams, the wheelman has an E28 BMW 5-Series, an immaculate example in olive metallic paint with Euro cloth interior. He’s waiting outside a bank, bathing in tension, when a fly starts buzzing around the cabin. Things escalate quickly.

Our driver’s nervousness quickly descends into fury and, eventually, a complete and total mental breakdown. The mirror is smashed, an airbag deploys. And then he pulls out a shotgun. There’s some kind of darkly humorous message here about guilt and violence and consequences. But, mostly, it’s five minutes of some poor fool engaging in a titanic struggle with his vintage BMW. It’s okay to laugh. And cringe.