Best of 2016 in Video: Features

Take a look at our top video features from this year.

byThe Drive Staff| UPDATED Jan 5, 2017 8:40 PM
Best of 2016 in Video: Features

2016 afforded us the opportunity to experience, investigate, and most importantly drive some of the coolest things in the world. As the year comes to a close, we're looking back on our adventures and recapping our favorite video takeaways. Today, we present our top features from 2016, which includes a variety of staff favorites, your favorites, and pieces that are simply worth another look.

Driving a New 740-Horsepower Trans Am Is (Spoiler Alert) Insane Fun

A Chevy Camaro SS-turned-Trans Am complete with T-tops, custom front- and rear fascias, and a 7.4-liter supercharged V8 that cranks out 840 ponies? Please excuse the drool. The men behind the monster, Scott and Tod Warmack, brothers and co-founders of Trans Am Worldwide, extended an invite for us to drop down to Tallahassee, Florida and tour their expansive factory—and to get some wheel time with one of their insane creations.

Christian Von Koenigsegg Shows You How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Hypercar

This is a story about how to build the fastest luxury car in the world, or the world’s most luxurious hypercar. It’s about a super rare, technologically advanced gas-electric hybrid car that can go more than 250 miles per hour—and the well-spoken Swedish guy whose name it bears. The company's founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg, is the perfect host, digging deep to bring car nerds along on a magical technology ride. He loves to talk about the engineering behind his cars, and we love to sit on the floor, surrounded by Legos, pretending we’re him. I mean, we love to hear him talk.

Driving a $500,000 Singer-Customized Porsche 911 Ruins Every Other Car

The Singer-customized Porsche 911 is not the perfect car. Nothing could be, not for everyone. But for someone who loves the 911, remembers it fondly, and always had a special place in their heart for it…for that person, this car is perfection. It is rare that we say this, but when we do, we mean it: This reimagined Porsche lives up to the hype.

Jay Leno Shows Us His Favorite American Muscle Cars

It’s possible to spend an hour inside Jay Leno’s garage and only get through only one room. And there are ten gargantuan rooms in total, with two more under construction to accommodate overflow. With so many incredible options, it was hard to winnow down to just a few that we wanted to explore more, but we landed on asking Leno to walk us through his favorite examples of American muscle and the backstory for each.

Driving The Baja 500 In One Easy Lesson

The Baja 500 off-road race may only be half as grueling as the infamous Baja 1000, but it still takes skill, endurance, a MacGyver-like taste for mechanical triage under pressure...and the ability to survive while breathing nothing but Mexico's baby-powder-like sand for 24 straight hours. We headed first to the Vegas Off Road Experience in Boulder City, Nevada to learn a few key off-roading skills, and then it was time to drive the amateur-punishing Baja 500.