Spoiler Alert: Trying to Make a PB+J Sandwich in an Off-Roading Vehicle Ain’t Easy, Is Messy

The ups and downs (and downs and ups) of basic sandwich assembly during a bumpy, messy run on Monticello Motor Club’s off-road course.

byJosh Condon|


Here's the second installment in our series in which video editor Erica Lourd attempts to make a sandwich while I drive like a jackass. The first was: a Caprese sandwich, around Lime Rock Park's autocross course, in a Subaru WRX; here, I'm behind the wheel of a Subaru Crosstrek, while Erica attempts to make a PB&J, as we fly up and down and over the off-road course at Monticello Motor Club. (Apparently, we have a thing for Subies.) A few things to consider:

  • We realize now—but did not before making the first video, which was a spontaneous and mostly ad-libbed affair—the potential sexism inherent in a female staffer making a sandwich for a male staffer. (You may not care, but we do.) We decided to just have fun with it again for video two, and suggest you do the same. Erica will have her revenge in video three.
  • I was blown away by the Crosstrek's capability during this brief filming, and I think it shows in the video. The manner in which a lifted hatchback family-hauler that starts under $22,000 tackled a not-insignificant course, was shocking. The Crosstrek is a veritable mountain goat, Subaru earns its reputation for over-engineering, and I think the Crosstrek is a pretty handsome vehicle, in a utilitarian way. Well done, Subaru.
  • So, which is harder, outright speed—as with the autocross challenge—or off-road with extreme angle and, as Erica puts it, "so many bumps"? "Off-road," Erica says. "But partly because you're a jackass." Fair enough.
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