Uber Resumes Self-Driving Car Tests Following Weekend Crash

The self-driving test car involved in the Tempe crash was not at fault.

byChristian Gilbertsen| PUBLISHED Mar 27, 2017 5:57 PM
Uber Resumes Self-Driving Car Tests Following Weekend Crash

After temporarily suspending its self-driving program following an accident in Tempe, Arizona last week, the ride-hailing company has announced it will resume testing in Arizona and Pittsburgh starting on Monday, Reuters reports. 

An Uber spokeswoman said, "Our cars will be back on the road in Tempe and Pittsburgh later today." Uber's San Francisco autonomous test fleet already resumed operations earlier on Monday, too, so the entirety of Uber's test fleets is up and running again. 

The accident, which happened on Friday evening, involved an autonomous Uber test car—a Volvo XC90—and a Ford Edge. The Uber test vehicle was not responsible for the accident, and despite landing on its side, neither the driver nor the other front-seat occupant was seriously injured. After the accident was reported, Uber announced it would temporarily halt all of its autonomous vehicle testing until the investigation surrounding the accident was finished. 

With autonomous testing operations up and running again, Uber dodged another bullet that could have potentially cost them dearly.