Uber Gets Approval to Bring Autonomous Car Testing Back to California

Uber makes amends after getting kicked out of California for not having the right permit.

Uber is now officially allowed to test its autonomous cars on public California roads after being issued the correct permit to do so by the state, Automotive News reports. The permit groups Uber with the 26 other companies that the state gave the ability to test self-driving cars on open roads. 

Uber previously battled with California regulators after the company failed to apply for the $150 permit the state requires for autonomous car testing. In December, the ride-hailing company argued that its cars weren’t autonomous cars by California’s definition because the vehicles had a human behind the wheel at all times for monitoring purposes. Because California refused to budge, Uber brought its self-driving vehicles to Arizona where there are less strict rules for self-driving cars.

The permit Uber now has in California allows the company to test only two of its self-driving vehicles, and for now, those cars won’t be picking up passengers, Automotive News reports.